Decision-Making Magnetic Spinner for Stress Relief

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Color: Silver

Product Description

Are you still tossing coins to a help making decisions?

You are truly the behind the times!

Why don’t you let our spinner help you with those decision making chores?

Our spinner will help you to find the answers to your your stressful decision making process?

Just spin it and get the answers:

Yes, stay, try, Run, do not buy, sell, give.

When the spinner lands on the the answer, you know which choice you really want to make.

It will also help as a stylish time-waster or just use it as a paperweight.


Item Name: Spider Pen Decision

Material: Metal, magnetic

Colour: Silver

Seat diameter: 72mm

Cone diameter: 23mm (bottom), 11mm (Top)

Cone height: 27mm

Pen diameter: 13mm (Center)

Pen length: 132mm

package Included

1 x Pen

1 x Seat

1 x Cone