Large Size Massage Ball Hand Foot Body Pain Stress Massage Relief Trigger Point Health Care

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Color: Red Blue Green Yellow

Product Description

Package: 1Pc x Massage Ball (Large Size)

Color options:  Blue / Red / Green / Yellow

Material: PVC (Non-inflatable)
Diameter: About 9.5cm 

1. Unique design, touch the body points.
2. It’s a simple massage tool which can help stimulate the blood circulation, and massage muscles and relieve tension
3. Great for massaging your palms, feet, ankle, shank, arms, neck and back, etc
4. Can be put on the palms and soles of the feet or body parts, pressuring and extruding to stimulate the skin
5. Portable, can be used at home, office, travel.

(1) can be placed in the child palm, soles of the feet or limbs and other parts, by pressing the extrusion, rolling or massage, stimulate the skin to help the development of positive and stable mood.
(2) local weight loss massage: quickly break up fat, save time and effort, no longer let the beautician rub up the breath
(3) head massage: to improve the hair, anti hair loss, scalp, insomnia and more dreams, memory decline, looking dark yellow has miraculous. Very easy to use
(4) foot massage: hand massage before brushing the soles of the feet, the effect of smooth blood circulation than hand massage more than 20 times, and extremely labor-saving, brush for the whole leg fever, body smooth
(5) leg lymphatic drainage massage, sculpture leg shape: the Department of the best to eliminate edema, eliminate the little rhythm of the legs, remove the legs dry, eliminate the choice of fat on the legs, easy to brush, when the effect
(6) back massage, according to the product text prompts, to infer the user’s health value. Use: top down, the first head, neck, back, waist or abdomen, after the limbs, first massage the left side of the body, and then massage the right side of the body
(7) head massage: the body brush from the forehead to the back of the head, do not have to scratch the lubricant, each part of the dredging about 30 times, scraping to the head of a sense of heat is appropriate
(8) neck massage: brush from the top down, so often scratch the neck, with the role of disease prevention and treatment
(9) chest massage: abdomen center line with the body brush from top to bottom to clear. On both sides of the chest to the front of the body before the midline as the boundary, respectively, to the left and right (left and right rear) with a brush from the inside out along the ribs to wipe, pay attention to avoid the nipple
(10) abdominal massage: the abdomen from the top down to clear (with visceral sagging, should be from the bottom up to clear) can also be used spiral circle
(11) lower limb massage: from the bottom up to clear (that is, to the dirty direction of massage
(12) foot massage: from the heel to the direction of foot massage